Selene’s handjobs

Selene’s handjobs are better than most blowjobs!

Selene is top-notch

I have had sensual massages all over the world, and Selene is top-notch!

Exquisite Touch

Dear Selene,
Once again I thank you for touching and caressing me so exquisitely, for keeping me in a cloud of amazingly pleasurable sensations, for letting me experience such wonderful exhilarating bliss, and for keeping me in that delicious state for a long, long time.
Big hug, -R

fantastic experience

Thank you again for a fantastic experience together. And thank you for sharing your sexual energy with me…loved the eye contact and connections. The closeness definitely made it an amazing experience.

Every man

Every man should experience you at least twice!


Thank you. That was amazing!


You are built for fun, aren’t you?


There’s nothing like being massaged by a curvaceous woman

kind energy

Thank you for your kind energy


You make me feel 18 again!


Your hands are like silk

No words

I can’t put into words how you make me feel.


You’re a 20 out of 10!

Lost Words

Don’t mind me, I’m speechless.


Your energy and touch is unbelievable , I am putty in your hands


your touch is incredible!!!


This was the experience I was hoping for…


Thank you. You have a gift!

So Good

You are so good at what you do!


Thank you both for a wonderful experience!

Happy Couple

Each of our massages were amazing and much better than we ever anticipated. Definitely looking forward to our next massages!

I like

Mmmmm…. I like, I like, I like!


You’re a Goddess!


I think you put a spell on me!

Never Experienced

I’ve never experienced anything like this before.

Raise the Bar

Boy, you set the bar high!


I went into a trance, wow!

Snake Charmer

You are a snake charmer….