Sensual Massage for Men

Sensual Massage for Men

A sensual individual massage by West Coast Tantra can help you connect to your sensual self and awaken your whole body to the wonderful world of sensual touch.

What is a full-body sensual massage?

A full body sensual massage is exactly what you think it would be …

From the top of your head to the tip of your toes and everything in between. You can also add in some interactive touch with me, which can expand your sensual session even more. You can drape your arms around me, hold my hips and waist or trail your fingers along my arms, back and sides.

Sensual massage is beautiful blend of old and new, a mixture of classical Indian philosophy with modern massage techniques, the mix of yoga, meditation, sensuality, pleasure, healing and lot’s of fun. It’s both deeply significant and flirtatious play, and as such is an important part of our growing and thriving.

It is truly an amazing experience!

The most important difference between a sensual massage and a spa/RMT massage is the purpose behind the treatment. My services are not deep tissue or specific muscular issues.

Sensual massage, in contrast, is entirely about sensual pleasure.

I want to awaken your full body! Experience delicious pleasure as I anoint your body with hot oils, my warm skilful hands gliding over your body. Under my sweet touch, you will experience new levels of sensual pleasure. I will uplift your body and spirit with true genuine connection.


  • $125/hr - Relaxation Massage with a Touch of Magick (no release)
  • $150/hr - Sensual Massage + Release (One-way touch)
  • $200/hr - Sensual Massage + Release (Interactive Touch/ Russian)
  • $225/hr - Sensation Play
  • $250/hr - Prostate Play
  • $275 - Dark Arts
Sensation Play
Prostate Play

Dark Arts

Feeling a little more adventurous? This free-spirited girl sports a Steel Hand in her Velvet Glove! Experience dark kinky pleasures in my dungeon with a St.Andrew's cross, a spanking bench and a wicked menu of floggers, canes and other delights!

Find Out More

To find out more about how a Sensual Massage can bring some spice and excitement into your life or to book a session, call me at 1-236-969-35241-236-969-3524. It will be my pleasure to discuss it with you and, if it feels right, make your sensual fantasies a reality!