Meet Your Sensual Bodyworkers

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Meet Your Sensual Bodyworkers

At the heart of our sanctuary, we unite the intricate arts of pleasure with a profound understanding of intimacy. Our approach caters to individuals and couples eager to explore the realms of sensuality in a sacred setting. With our diverse professional backgrounds in somatic bodywork, relationship coaching, yoga, meditation, and Tantra, we ensure a holistic and transformative experience in happiness and sensuality.

Our doors are open to everyone, embracing all genders, body types, and orientations. We are committed to creating a space where you can step into with confidence and an open heart, finding not just skilled practitioners but compassionate guides in your journey toward deeper intimacy.

Selene, with her vibrant energy and deep understanding of relationships, extends her practice beyond sensual massage. She is a beacon of guidance in workshops, classes, and personal mentoring, helping individuals and couples expand their sensual horizons and celebrate the sacredness of sensuality.

Damien's work, characterized by his smooth, strong hands and gentle touch, is deeply influenced by his formal training and spiritual practices. His approach to sensual massage is one of sacred reverence, creating a harmonious connection that elevates erotic energy at a comfortable and secure pace. Together with Selene, they offer Couples Massages, a tender and erotic celebration of love and connection.

In our shared practice, we also offer workshops and classes, utilizing our backgrounds in education and public speaking to explore topics of intimacy, communication, and the art of Shibari. Our sanctuary is a haven of sacred sensuality and deep intimacy, where we combine our individual strengths to guide you towards sensual bliss and deeper personal connections.

Join us on this journey of discovery, where each touch, each lesson, and each shared moment is an invitation to celebrate life in its most sacred and fulfilling form. In our space, discretion, respect, and nurturing energy are the cornerstones, ensuring a safe and sacred experience for all.

With Pleasure and Warmth,
Selene & Damien