Sensual Couples Massage

A Sensual Couples Massage by West Coast Tantra is a Tantric experience you can enjoy as a couple. During a Couples Massage, you and your partner are massaged at the same time and in the same room. You can choose your two practitioners for the session making sure the fit is just right! We are all formally trained and hold the same outlook and philosophy when it comes to sensual massage. One of us would massage you and the other, your partner.

Imagine a room lit with candles and incense wafting fragrantly through the air. Exotic music further sets the mood, filling the night with so many possibilities. The massage tables are organized in such a way that you can gaze into each other's eyes during the experience, fully drinking in your own experience as well as your partner's. The result can be electrifying!

This is all about you as a couple

The experience is two-fold, for in addition to your own sensations you will also relish seeing your partner's enjoyment. Since your happiness and joy as a couple is paramount, all efforts are made to ensure your mutual pleasure.

This is all about you as a couple, your opportunity to come together and embark on a Tantric journey that will not only please you but also bring you closer and enrich your lives beyond what happens on the massage table.

Where Do We Start?

We encourage you to discuss the evening together before coming for the massage. Good communication is key at this point!

  • What do you want to experience?
  • What would like to see your partner experience?
  • What sounds sexy and exciting to you, and what would be too much?
  • Are your limits the same as his? How about your fantasies?
  • Are there things you would enjoy that raises red flags for her?
  • Who would you like to work with?

Once you talk it out and establish your wants and desires as well as your limits, then its time to meet with us. Like you, we have our own boundaries and limits and by meeting and discussing before the massage we can create a positive, healthy and sensual experience for all of us.

The main advantage to coming to us for your Sensual Couples experience is that we are professionals and our primary concern is for your pleasure and happiness both as individuals and as a couple. Discussing it in the abstract is not always the same as experiencing, however - what seemed like naughty fun to talk about may be different story when it is actually happening.

We recognize this, and so will be checking in with you regularly throughout the Sensual Couples Massage.

Sensual Couples Massage is the answer!

Because the Couples Sensual Massage is centered about you as a couple and is based upon your desires and boundaries, and our intention is to enhance and strengthen your loving relationship through sensuality, this greatly reduces the fear and insecurity which so often gives rise to jealousy. After all, what is there to be jealous about when everything is about you?

There is a deep wealth of sensual and erotic experiences out there for you to experience as a couple, and a Sensual Couples Massage gives you the opportunity to delve into these waters in a safe, enhancing and oh-so-pleasurable way!

Does the thought of your partner with someone else turn you on? Do they feel the same way? Have you talked about experimenting, but unsure how to proceed and unwilling to take the risk of inviting the wrong person into your bed? What if something goes terribly wrong?

Who knew a Sensual Couples Massage would hold the answer!

Playing Well with Others

Inviting a third into your relationship can lead to potential emotional entanglements which can cause serious problems for you down the road. Sensuality and eroticism are a powerful mix, and not one to be entered into lightly. Damien and I have worked with many couples, and we known how to set the scene and give you the experience you seek without anyone stepping onto any emotional land mines.

Most couples don't have these types of conversations, but they are vital if you are going to have a rich, sensual experience together! The last thing you want to discover halfway through the experience is that what you thought was hot is a deal breaker for her. So talk about it before the session, be honest about what you would like, and make sure to keep a positive and non-judgmental space.

Our Sensual Couples Massage offers you an erotic experience which you can enjoy as a couple!

If you are not comfortable with something, whether it is on your own massage table or your partner's, you are free and in fact encouraged to speak out! In order for you to fully enjoy the Sensual Massage you should be relaxed and comfortable, so should anything come up which interferes with your enjoyment we need to know. Again, this is all about communication and we won't be offended if anything we are doing doesn't quite work for you. We want you to tell us!

In the same vein, if anything we are doing, either to you or your partner, is particularly enjoyable please let us know! We like positive feedback, and if we know you are really enjoying something we will be more likely to keep on doing it 🙂

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Sensual Couples Massage

There is a deep wealth of sensual and erotic experiences out there for you to experience as a couple, and a Sensual Couples Massage gives you the opportunity to delve into these waters in a safe, enhancing and oh-so-pleasurable way!

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