West Coast Tantra

Welcome to West Coast Tantra, your secret haven of sensual, erotic and Tantric bliss in beautiful Victoria, BC.

My name is Selene, and I am a world-class Tantric bodyworker. I offer exquisite, erotic individual and couples Tantric massages, as well as professional workshops and mentoring in all aspects of intimacy and relationships.

Sharing your wants and desires as well as your limits creates an experience that celebrates yourself and helps you remember what makes you the awesome person you are.

I create a relaxing environment to reconnect with yourself and express your sensual being through Tantric massage. With our busy lifestyles it is hard to remember to take the time we need as individuals and couples to fully appreciate the divine within us!

Let me take care of you ~ You deserve it!

I create a space especially for Tantric massage, and take care to make sure everything is just right. You will be greeted by soft lighting, candles and music. Sensual massage should not be rushed, so please don’t book me if you don’t have the time to fully enjoy your session.

I offer a warm shower upon arrival giving you the opportunity to break away from regular life and take some much needed deep breaths as part of the process in creating your sensual experience.



60 minutes
  • Embrace and excite Your Sensual Being
  • Enjoy a full-body interactive Tantric massage
  • Relaxation and Pleasure
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90 minutes
  • Share a Tantric Massage with Your Partner
  • Both of you are massaged at the same time
  • Explore your fantasies safely
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Dark Arts


60 minutes
  • Want to take a walk on the wild side?
  • Add blind-folds, floggers and more
  • Kink-Curious are welcome!
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Exquisite Massage for Men

Treat yourself by experiencing a sensual Tantric massage. I will treat your body like a sacred temple, bringing you to new heights of relaxation and bliss. Under my sweet skillful touch, I will bring your passions to their peak!

My sensual massages are 60 minutes and longer, so go ahead and treat yourself today!

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Tantric Massage for Women

I believe that our sensual selves are sacred, and I will support you in your re-discovery of your sensual self! You will experience delicious pleasure, all within the secure limits of your consent.

Our Tantric Massages are 60 or 90 minutes.

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Unforgettable Couples Massages

There is a deep wealth of sensual and Tantric experiences out there for you to experience as a couple, and a Tantric Couples Massage gives you the opportunity to delve into these waters in a safe, enhancing and oh-so-pleasurable way. This is a perfect way to celebrate an anniversary, Valentine's Day or another special occasion!

To fully bask in sensual bliss, I suggest a 90 minutes session for couples.

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Learn Sensual Massage

Do you want to learn new sexual skills? Expand your sensual horizons? Come take one of my courses! I offer a wide variety of courses including how to massage professionally and how to melt his brains with sizzling Tantric Edging. It's all about lifelong learning!

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What My Clients Say:

Dear Selene,
Once again I thank you for touching and caressing me so exquisitely, for keeping me in a cloud of amazingly pleasurable sensations, for letting me experience such wonderful exhilarating bliss, and for keeping me in that delicious state for a long, long time.
Big hug, -R

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