Selene & Reye

I gave my close friend Reye a wonderfully erotic massage, and we made this video just for you! See how my smooth hands glide over her body, teasing and pleasuring her every inch, while we stare deeply at each other, sharing wonderfully intimate moments... It was amazing!

I hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it.


  • Do you yearn to rediscover your sensual self in a safe and supportive environment?
  • Are you unsure how to express yourself sensually?
  • Have you heard about Tantra and would like to explore what it means for you?
  • Why should men have all the fun?

If any of the above is true, then perhaps a sensual Tantric Massage is what you need!

I am beautiful, flirtatious and the personification of sensuality. I will treat your body like a sacred temple, bringing you to new heights of ecstasy and bliss.

Under my sweet touch, you will experience new levels of sensual pleasure!

I believe that our sensual selves are sacred, and I will support you in your re-discovery of your sensual self! You will experience delicious pleasure, all within the secure limits of your consent.

How will this work? First call me, Selene, at 1-250-508-15921-250-508-1592. I feel talking on the phone to be the best way to connect and decide if we are a right fit. Alternatively, you can choose to speak with Damien. Damien is also a formally trained and educated somatic bodyworker and is very popular with the ladies! He is 6'2", fit, hazel-eyed, strong yet surprisingly gentle!

Either Damien or I (or both of us!) would be happy to meet with you in a public place like a nearby coffee shop before the session, should this make you feel more comfortable. It's all about your comfort level! I have found it a wonderful way to meet prospective female clients before a session. However should you prefer to come directly to the studio, then that would be fine as well.

Both Damien and I are experienced educators and have shared the secrets of intimate touch and sensual massage with many people through a series of very successful workshops! We offer our workshops to groups and privately for couples, so please contact me for more info. This makes for a great Valentine's Day gift!


  • $125/hr - Relaxation Massage
  • $175/hr - Full Body Sensual Massage
  • $200/hr - Include Sensation play
  • $275/hr - 4-Handed Massage with Selene & Damien
  • $350/hr - Couples Massage

I have an exotic studio with professional massage tables, shower and fresh towels.

All body types and sexual orientations welcome!

Curious? Want to know more? Call me at 1-250-508-15921-250-508-1592

No blocked/unknown numbers, please!

A Sensual Reawakening

one woman's experience

Find Out More

To find out more about how a Sensual Massage can bring some spice and excitement into your life, contact me either through email or by phone at 1-250-508-15921-250-508-1592. It will be my pleasure to discuss it with you and, if it feels right, make your sensual fantasies a reality!