Sensual Massage for Women

Welcome to West Coast Tantra's sensual massage for women! I believe that our sensual selves are sacred, and I will assist you in your re-discovery of your sensuous self! You can experience delicious pleasure, all within the secure limits of your consent. Awaken your whole body to the wonderful world of sensual touch. Whether you want to relax and enjoy an arousing sensual experience or you are working towards a more confident and freeing attitude about your most intimate relationships I am here to support you in a non-judgemental sacred way!

How will this work? First call me, I offer a free consultation to determine the direction of our session(s) . I feel talking on the phone to be the best way to connect and decide if we are a right fit. Depending on your needs we may add in a component from my guidance and mentoring strategies.

Alternatively, if you prefer a male masseur you can choose to speak with my life partner Damien. He is also a formally trained and educated somatic bodyworker and is very popular with the ladies! He is tall, hazel-eyed, strong yet surprisingly gentle!

Both Damien and I are experienced educators and have shared the secrets of intimate touch and sensual massage with many people through a series of very successful workshops! We offer our workshops to groups and privately for individuals and couples, so please feel free to reach out!

  • Do you yearn to rediscover your sensual self in a safe and supportive environment?

  • Are you unsure how to express yourself sensually?

  • Have you heard about Tantra and would like to explore what it means for you?

  • Why should men have all the fun?

If any of the above resonates with you, then perhaps a sensual Tantric Massage is what you are missing!


$250 - Full Body Sensual Massage (90-Minute)
$350 - 4-Handed Massage with Selene & Damien (60-Minute)

I have an exotic studio with professional massage tables, shower and fresh towels. All body types and sexual orientations welcome!

Sensual Secrets from Home

The following two courses are part of my online offerings for those individuals & couples that are just starting their sensual journey and may not be ready to introduce a guide into their relationship.

These courses are a great way to help deepen your connection, ignite your passion and build your confidence!

Sensual Mastery Course

Sensual Mastery Course

Unleash the power of sensuality and intimacy in your relationship with our transformative Sensual Mastery Course. Designed for couples seeking to reignite their passion and forge a deeper emotional bond, this enchanting journey is your ticket to a world of sensual exploration, shared pleasure, and profound intimacy.

Start the process of deepening your relationship with this 4-week online course from the comfort of your own home!

Interested? Please read further to see if this course is right for you!

Tantric Edging Course

Tantric Edging Course

Dive into the Art of Tantric Edging, where you master the skill of delicately maintaining your partner on the brink of orgasm, thereby elevating your lovemaking to unprecedented heights!

This practice involves tuning into your partner's peak arousal and using guided breathwork and visualisation to expand the orgasmic experience. Rather than a fleeting moment, orgasm evolves into an extraordinary, full-body experience.

Interested? Please read further to see if this course is right for you!

Selene & Reye

I gave my close friend Reye a wonderfully erotic massage, and we made this video just for you! See how my smooth hands glide over her body, teasing and pleasuring her every inch, while we stare deeply at each other, sharing wonderfully intimate moments... It was amazing!

I hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it.

Find Out More

To find out more about how a Sensual Massage can bring some spice and excitement into your life or to book a session, call me at 1-236-969-35241-236-969-3524. It will be my pleasure to discuss it with you and, if it feels right, make your sensual fantasies a reality!