School of Erotic Touch

Nowhere in our society do we suffer as much as in our ability to give and receive erotic and sensual pleasure. Although we yearn for profound sensual connections with our partner, we often feel separate and alone, unable to achieve deep erotic connections with ourselves and those we love.

We gaze at our partners, wanting to reach out and touch them in new exciting ways, but are not sure how to begin. Over time the gulf between us widens, leaving us feeling helpless and frustrated. We begin to think sensual bliss and deep intimacy are not possible, or at least not possible for us…

It doesn’t have to be this way!

We are professionally trained Tantric Coaches skilled in helping you bring beautiful sensual and tantric practices back into your relationship. Under our careful guidance, you can,

  • Experience sensual bliss
  • Explore Ecstatic Pleasure
  • Achieve Deep Intimacy, and
  • Create a Profound connection with yourself and your partner

The Tantric tools you will discover through our workshops are not esoteric and arcane, requiring long periods of study and tying yourself up in Yoga pretzels. You will be surprised at how simple many of them actually are!

Throughout our workshops, we will share with you what works for us as a couple as well as individuals complete and whole within ourselves. Because we believe that without self-love and self-awareness it is very difficult to love and connect with others, we offer our Tantric Workshops for both individuals as well as couples. The sensual journey is both an individual one as well as a path you will travel as a couple. The possibilities are truly endless!

Current Workshops and Classes