Meet West Coast Tantra

Selene & Damien
your sensual bodyworkers!

We are all healthy, educated and professionally trained in the arts of pleasure. We strive to bring happiness and sensuality in a safe environment for those who want to discover deeper intimacy together as a couple and individuals.

We work with both genders, body types and orientations so don't be shy. We are also aware of the importance of safety and privacy, so you can expect absolute discretion.

Soft lighting, candles and our oh-so-skillful hands will bring your passions to their peak! Our sensual massages will draw out your sensual energy … Think of it as letting the genie out of the bottle!

We encourage our clients to express themselves as much as they are comfortable; talking, moaning, sighing and yes baby...right there... don't stop :)...

Selene at West Coast Tantra


I am a passionate, healthy, educated and formally-trained somatic bodyworker. I am happily married to my husband Damien, himself a skilled and experienced bodyworker, and we have been involved in the world of sensual massage for many years.

I have always been a very sensual person, and sensual massage is a natural extension of my sexuality. I believe sensuality is a natural part of life, and is something to be celebrated!

But there is more to me than 'just' sensual massage! My mission goes beyond the massage room into workshops, classes and relationship mentoring. I am a professionally trained relationship coach and an experienced mentor, and I am excited to share my knowledge in relationships and intimacy with you. Together we can expand your sensual horizons and help you live deep and fulfilling relationships.

So please do not hesitate to ask me any questions about my knowledge, skills and experience. I am very much looking forward to meeting with you as a mentor, an instructor or a sensual massage practitioner.

Let's celebrate our sensuality and live life to the fullest!

With Pleasure,

Damien at West Coast Tantra


I am a formally-trained somatic bodyworker with smooth strong hands and a gentle touch. In addition to my sensual massage training I also have a background in yoga, meditation and Tantra, which infuses my touch with a sense of sacredness and reverence.

My training in Tantric meditation and Yoga has granted me the ability to slow down, harmonizing my touch and my breathing with that of the woman on my table. I will elevate you slowly, raising your erotic energy at your own pace so you'll always feel relaxed and secure as you ascend to a height of erotic pleasure.

Let my strong gentle hands guide you to sensual bliss!

In addition to working with clients one-on-one, I also offer a Couples Massage with my beautiful wife Selene. We work beautifully together, and our Couples Massage are a tender and erotic celebration of your love.

We also offer workshops and classes, giving me the opportunity to bring my background in education and public speaking into play. I love teaching and helping people expand their sensual horizons, whether the topics be intimacy, communication or Shibari!

With Pleasure,

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To find out more about how a Sensual Massage can bring some spice and excitement into your life or to book a session, call me at 1-236-969-35241-236-969-3524. It will be my pleasure to discuss it with you and, if it feels right, make your sensual fantasies a reality!