Intimacy Worksheet

Download this worksheet and begin sharing your innermost desires with each other in an open and accepting way!

You are working together to create a unique relationship that exists only between the two of you. You are customizing your life together, bringing to life a union that could never happen with anyone else. Through the open sharing of your wants and needs. you work together to build a relationship that is strong, deep, resilient, unique and above all a lot of fun!

Imagine what type of relationship you could build! Through the creation of an open, judgment-free zone between you, you set the stage for a union unlike any other. No other relationship can be like the one that is presently blooming around you, and the deeper your honesty and trust grow the more firm and solid the bedrock under your feet become. You are now on a journey that would be impossible to follow with anyone else, and the ongoing trust and intimacy ensures that your sex life will never be boring.

But what do you do once you've created your no-judgment zone? Imagine you are sitting in front of each other ready to share your innermost secrets: how do you start? This is where this worksheet comes in!

The idea behind this worksheet is to start exploring what turns you on as a couple. It it by no means exhaustive! We just want to start the conversation, getting your sensual juices flowing 😉

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Download the Intimacy Worksheet

Intimacy worksheet

Explore what turns you on! This worksheet is a great conversation starter and will lead you to exciting new discoveries about yourself and your partner.

Download your FREE Intimacy Workskeet