Intimacy & Relationship Coach

  • Do you want to spice up your love life?
  • Are you finding yourself disconnected with your partner of many years?
  • Are you spinning your wheels in your sex life, stuck in old predictable patterns?
  • Are you looking to "let some fresh air" into your relationship and haven’t got the foggiest idea how to proceed?
  • Did you find a sexy fetish photo on the Internet and now you want to figure out how to get your partner to experiment with something new and exciting?
  • Do you want to learn some hot new skills and blow your partner's mind?
  • Do you want to live a richer, more productive and fully self-expressed life?

If you've answered 'Yes' to any of these questions then intimacy coaching might be the right solution for you!

Sometimes all it takes is a little guidance to figure it all out. I offer intimacy coaching and workshops in all areas of relationship and sexuality, with an emphasis on tantra and sensuality.

The Relationship and Intimacy Coaching process is a rich and highly rewarding journey, and I cannot wait to embark on this wonderful experience with you!

But how does intimacy coaching work?

As a rule, Relationship and Intimacy Coaching begins with self-discovery. Through a series of exercises, activities and discussion, I will introduce you to you. During this process we will identify your 3 top Relationship and Intimacy goals. These goals will form the foundation of our coaching experience and help keep us on track to fulfilling your deepest relationship and intimacy needs. Among the questions we will seek to answer may be,

  • What are your sensual and erotic needs?
  • What do you want out of your romantic relationship?
  • What are your short, medium and long-term relationship goals?

While you may think you know the answers to these questions already, you may be surprised by the results!

True, authentic sexual expression is not easy – if it was, everybody would be doing it! The truth, unfortunately is most of us throughout our lives acquire negative and even destructive communication strategies. Through our ongoing work, however, we will work together in implementing your newfound skills and putting you firmly on the path to living an authentic and fulfilling life!

Join a new revolution of sexual healing and erotic freedom!

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With Pleasure,