Double Your Pleasure with 2 Tantricas

The 4-Handed Massage by West Coast Tantra is a breathtaking sensual experience that will invigorate your mind, body and soul. Feel the empowering Tantric energy as two skilled Tantrikas caress every part of your body and float your mind into an infinite loop of pure bliss... Gently perfumed oils will delight your senses, lending an exotic and luxurious feeling to this very special evening.

Selene and Troy work so very well together, and when they perform a 4-Handed massage it becomes an exotic choreographed dance of pleasure all over your body. Want to spice it up even more? You can wear a blindfold as they massage you, losing yourself in an exciting world of touch and sensation. As in all are other massages, they use warm coconut oil which evokes sensual dreams of heat and tropical bliss.

Both Selene and Troy are healthy, educated and formally-trained in the Tantric arts.

Exotic studio with professional massage tables, shower and fresh towels. Soft lighting, candles and their oh-so-soft hands will bring your passions to their peak!

$275/hr - 60 minutes
$400/hr - 90 minutes

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To find out more about how a Sensual Massage can bring some spice and excitement into your life, call us at 250-217-2751250-217-2751. It will be our pleasure to discuss it with you and, if it feels right, make your sensual fantasies a reality!